Long-term antitumor efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells depends on their functional persistence in vivo. T cells with stem-like properties show better persistence, but factors conferring bona fide stemness to T cells remain to be determined. Here, we demonstrate the induction of CAR T cells into an immortal-like and functional state, termed TIF. The induction of CARTIF cells depends on the repression of two factors, BCOR and ZC3H12A, and requires antigen or CAR tonic signaling. Reprogrammed CARTIF cells possess almost infinite stemness, similar to induced pluripotent stem cells while retaining the functionality of mature T cells, resulting in superior antitumor effects. Following the elimination of target cells, CARTIF cells enter a metabolically dormant state, persisting in vivo with a saturable niche and providing memory protection. TIF represents a novel state of T cells with unprecedented stemness, which confers long-term functional persistence of CAR T cells in vivo and holds broad potential in T cell therapies.

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