Transcription factor (TF) reporter mice have proved integral to the characterization of murine innate lymphoid cell (ILC) development and function. Here, we implemented a CRISPR/Cas9-generated combinatorial reporter approach for the simultaneous resolution of several key TFs throughout ILC development in both the fetal liver and adult bone marrow. We demonstrate that the Tcf7-expressing early innate lymphoid precursor (EILP) and the common helper ILC precursor (CHILP) both contain a heterogeneous mixture of specified ILC and lymphoid tissue inducer (LTi) precursors with restricted lineage potential rather than a shared precursor. Moreover, the earliest specified precursor to the LTi lineage was identified upstream of these populations, before Tcf7 expression. These findings match dynamic changes in chromatin accessibility associated with the expression of key TFs (i.e., GATA3 and RORγ(t)), highlighting the distinct origins of ILC and LTi lineages at the epigenetic and functional levels, and provide a revised map for ILC development.

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