Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a subtype of breast cancer (BC) with the most aggressive phenotype and poor overall survival. Using bioinformatics tools, we identified LINC00908 encoding a 60–aa polypeptide and differentially expressed in TNBC tissues. We named this endogenously expressed polypeptide ASRPS (a small regulatory peptide of STAT3). ASRPS expression was down-regulated in TNBCs and associated with poor overall survival. We showed that LINC00908 was directly regulated by ERα, which was responsible for the differential down-regulation of LINC00908 in TNBCs. ASRPS directly bound to STAT3 through the coiled coil domain (CCD) and down-regulated STAT3 phosphorylation, which led to reduced expression of VEGF. In human endothelial cells, a mouse xenograft breast cancer model, and a mouse spontaneous BC model, ASRPS expression reduced angiogenesis. In a mouse xenograft breast cancer model, down-regulation of ASRPS promoted tumor growth, and ASRPS acted as an antitumor peptide. We presented strong evidence that LINC00908-encoded polypeptide ASRPS represented a TNBC-specific target for treatment.

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