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    The morphology and linear organization of mitochondria (magenta) is disrupted in an adult mouse cardiomyocyte lacking the mitochondrial outer membrane fusion protein Mitofusin 2. T-tubules are labeled green. Mourier et al. reveal that mitochondrial respiration is impaired in the absence of Mitofusin 2 due to a decrease in coenzyme Q levels.
    Image © 2015 Mourier et al.
    See page 429.

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ISSN 0021-9525
EISSN 1540-8140
In this Issue

In This Issue

In Focus

The cytoskeleton of both T cells and antigen-presenting cells promotes mechanical signaling during T cell activation.

People & Ideas

Pederson’s career has revolved around the nucleus, nucleolus, and the nucleoproteins that inhabit them.



Cdc15 contributes to contractile ring formation and cytokinesis by recruiting the formin Cdc12, which defines a novel cytokinetic function for an F-BAR domain.


The Asterless N terminus promotes Plk4 homodimerization and autophosphorylation during interphase, whereas its C terminus stabilizes Plk4 during mitosis.

Both centromere–centrosome and telomere–centrosome contacts can promote spindle formation during meiosis.

Mitofusin 2 plays an unexpected role in maintaining the terpenoid biosynthesis pathway and is necessary for mitochondrial coenzyme Q biosynthesis.

During cell migration, F-actin bundles/filopodia serve as templates for formation and orientation of lamellipodia and prime their stabilization by adhesion-based PI3K signaling.

The actin-binding proteins moesin and α-actinin-1 limit the lateral mobility and clustering of ICAM-1 in dendritic cells and thereby promote antigen-dependent conjugate formation and T cell priming.

The T cell actin network generates mechanical forces that regulate LFA-1 activity at the immunological synapse.

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