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In Focus

Palmitoylation and phosphoinositides target ankyrin-G/βII-spectrin network to lateral membranes.

People & Ideas

Goshima studies spindle assembly and microtubule dynamics.



SUN-KASH bridges that connect the nucleoskeleton to the cytoskeleton are only required to maintain nuclear envelope spacing in cells subjected to increased mechanical forces, such as muscle cells.

To meet their metabolic needs, starved cells first activate autophagy, but activation in parallel of the general amino acid control pathway increases amino acid uptake, leading to reactivation of mTOR and down-regulation of autophagy.


Deubiquitination of Rad18 drives its localization to sites of DNA damage and formation of the Rad18–SHPRH complexes necessary for error-free lesion bypass.

When temperature fluctuation threatens the fidelity of Drosophila oogenesis, Klar restrains posterior-ward translocation of oskar mRNA, thereby adapting the rate of oskar delivery to the capacity of the anchoring machinery.

The endonuclease AGO3 and mitochondria-associated protein Zucchini together control the dynamic subcellular localization of Armitage between mitochondria and germline granules to regulate secondary piRNA amplification.

In the absence of continuous K-fiber attachment between each kinetochore and the spindle pole, one or more additional mechanisms dependent on dynein-mediated kinetochore transport exist to ensure proper chromosome segregation during mitosis.

After the loss of continuous spindle microtubule attachment to the spindle pole, a previously undescribed mechanism of chromosome transport, powered by dynein pulling on minus ends of severed microtubules, repairs spindle architecture and integrity.

Centrosome–microtubule interactions during interphase are important for centrosome clustering and cell polarity.

Palmitoylation of ankyrin-G and interaction of βII-spectrin with phosphoinositides are necessary for ankyrin-G–βII-spectrin localization in membrane subdomains during lateral membrane assembly in columnar epithelial cells.

Sirtuin-mediated deacetylation of the catalytic subunit of mitochondrial complex V increases complex activity.

RAB5A and RAB4 promote breast tumor cell dissemination by controlling the trafficking of proteins necessary for localized invadosome formation.

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