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In Focus

Hypomorphic mice reveal new details of Cdc20 and cyclin B1's mitotic activities.

People & Ideas

Han studies the mechanisms of inflammation and immunity, and the many cellular functions of p38.


The JCB was founded by a group of scientists who needed a journal to showcase their micrographs with the highest quality reproduction. Our commitment to innovative presentation and sharing of image data continues today with the JCB DataViewer.


Review series


The DNA damage–activated E3 ubiquitin ligase RAD18 promotes repair of interstrand DNA cross-links by ubiquitylating PCNA and recruiting FANCL to chromatin.

The augmin protein complex nucleates noncentrosomal microtubules during anaphase to promote completion of cell division.

Localization of the spindle and kinetochore proteins Astrin, SKAP, and LC8 is antagonized by Aurora B so that they target exclusively to bioriented kinetochores.

Mps1 regulates its own turnover at kinetochores to ensure mitotic checkpoint silencing in metaphase.

pRb is required to inhibit apoptosis in myoblasts and autophagy in myotubes but not for activation of the myogenic differentiation program.

Adhesive micropatterns show the effect of spatial confinement and actin network architecture on basal body positioning and primary cilium formation.


Low expression levels of Cdc20 result in chromatin bridging and chromosome misalignment, revealing a requirement for Cdc20 in efficient sister chromosome separation and chromosome–microtubule attachment.

Cep120, a protein involved in maintenance of neural progenitor cells, is required for centriole duplication in cycling cells and for centriole amplification in tracheal epithelial cells.

Suppression of the myogenic transcription factor MyoD is required for maintenance of muscle stem cells.

Target or substrate Rab GTPases are identified for 17 proteins with DENN domains.

Ion channel immobilization by ankyrin G is regulated by casein kinase 2 in immature hippocampal neurons.

Both Cdc2 and PKC-mediated phosphorylation of EBP50 alter accessibility of its first PDZ domain when its second PDZ domain is occupied to regulate microvilli formation on epithelial cells.

Hedgehog signaling through the ciliary membrane protein Smoothened dissociates the Gli transcription factors from their inhibitor, Suppressor of Fused.


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