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    Cover picture:The photo shows T cells extravasating across a blood vessel in the central nervous system in a murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis model. Double immunoflurescence staining has been performed on a brain section of an EAE mouse with a pan-laminin antibody (green) and an anti­CD45 antibody (red). Pan-laminin staining reveals two basement membranes, the inner endothelial and the outer parenchymal basement membranes, which are traversed by the infiltrating leukocytes, marked by the anti­CD45 staining, in the course of EAE. Our manuscript shows for the first time that these two basement membranes are biochemically distinct in terms of laminin isoform expression and that this has consequences on the T cell transmigration process. See related article in this issue by Sixt et al., (pp. 933-945).
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