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Reviews on Nuclear Biology 2018

A collection of reviews on nuclear biology, the topic of the 2018 4DN-ASCB Satellite Meeting. Read about the effect of metabolites on chromatin modifications and how they influence gene expression, the relationship between gene-regulatory elements and nuclear architectural features in transcription, how interchromosomal interactions are emerging as important regulators of genome organization and gene expression, the interplay between the different regulatory layers that impact the transcription and dynamics of distinct histone H3 variants along the cell cycle, and how superresolution and live-cell imaging are providing new insights into transcription factor dynamics and genome organization. Learn about the changes in DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility, and topological architecture occurring during the reprogramming to totipotency in the early embryo and how regulation/dysregulation of Polycomb group proteins contributes to hematopoiesis and hematological disorders. Finally, the sources of cellular forces on the nucleus and the structural contributors to its mechanical response are discussed, as well as how protein sequestration at the inner nuclear membrane and nuclear lamina might influence aging.

Artwork entitled “wrap ‘n’ pack challenge” by Izabela Kaminksi,

Special Collection Image
Marit W. Vermunt; Di Zhang; Gerd A. Blobel
Valerio Di Carlo; Ivano Mocavini; Luciano Di Croce
Sabrina Ladstätter; Kikuë Tachibana
Shweta Mendiratta; Alberto Gatto; Genevieve Almouzni
Tanmay P. Lele; Richard B. Dickinson; Gregg G. Gundersen
Philipp G. Maass; A. Rasim Barutcu; John L. Rinn
Juan Manuel Schvartzman; Craig B. Thompson; Lydia W.S. Finley
Zhe Liu; Robert Tjian
Leonid Serebryannyy; Tom Misteli
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