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DNA Replication and Genome Instability 2019

The maintenance of genome stability throughout cell division is essential for cell survival, tissue homeostasis, and normal development. Disruptions in genome stability and nuclear integrity are linked to diseases in all organ systems. Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of DNA replication, recombination, and repair at the cellular, molecular, and structural levels is critical to tackle their contributions to disease and develop targeted therapies. In this special collection of recently published JCB articles, JCB Editorial Board member Agata Smogorzewska and Senior Scientific Editor Melina Casadio explore exciting advances in the biology of vital processes that assure genome stability from replication through mitosis. Articles were selected based on scope and requests for full-text and PDF versions from readers. We hope you enjoy this collection and welcome your feedback on Twitter and Facebook.

Micrograph © 2018 Manil-Ségalen et al.


Replication fork, Replication stress, DNA replication, Recombination, Genome instability, DNA damage, DNA damage response, DNA repair, Chromatin, Replication-Transcription Conflict

Special Collection Image
Andrea K. Byrum; Denisse Carvajal-Maldonado; Miranda C. Mudge; David Valle-Garcia; Mona C. Majid; Romil Patel; Mathew E. Sowa; Steven P. Gygi; J. Wade Harper; Yang Shi; Alessandro Vindigni; Nima Mosammaparast
Yuntao Xia; Irena L. Ivanovska; Kuangzheng Zhu; Lucas Smith; Jerome Irianto; Charlotte R. Pfeifer; Cory M. Alvey; Jiazheng Ji; Dazhen Liu; Sangkyun Cho; Rachel R. Bennett; Andrea J. Liu; Roger A. Greenberg; Dennis E. Discher
Marion Manil-Ségalen; Małgorzata Łuksza; Joanne Kanaan; Véronique Marthiens; Simon I.R. Lane; Keith T. Jones; Marie-Emilie Terret; Renata Basto; Marie-Hélène Verlhac
Vincent Amarh; Martin A. White; David R.F. Leach
Thomas D. Carroll; Ian P. Newton; Yu Chen; J. Julian Blow; Inke Näthke
Wanqing Xiang; M. Julia Roberti; Jean-Karim Hériché; Sébastien Huet; Stephanie Alexander; Jan Ellenberg
Sunetra Roy; Jessica W. Luzwick; Katharina Schlacher
Emily J. Platt; Leslie Smith; Mathew J. Thayer
Carolin A. Müller; Conrad A. Nieduszynski
Yi Liu; José Renato Cussiol; Diego Dibitetto; Jennie Rae Sims; Shyam Twayana; Robert Samuel Weiss; Raimundo Freire; Federica Marini; Achille Pellicioli; Marcus Bustamante Smolka
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