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The Year in Cell Biology: 2021

A collection of outstanding research published over the last year in JCB.

Although this collection cannot provide a comprehensive overview of the many exciting advances that have appeared in JCB over the past year, it offers a representative glimpse of the findings that our readers found most interesting. From a study showing that focal adhesions can act as signaling hubs for mTORC1 to a structural analysis providing a spatiotemporal map of the centriole core and another examining nucleus-mitochondrial contacts, these articles showcase the diverse interests of our community. We also highlight articles examining the regulation of macropinocytosis and integrin internalization as well as a role for TDP-43 in modulating oligodendrocyte metabolism, thus providing something for all our readers.

Like 2020, 2021 has been a difficult year for all. While things have begun to improve, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us in many ways, including in the scientific community's ability to conduct research safely and efficiently. Despite these difficulties, the papers presented in this collection–and all of the work published over the past year–highlight the hard work and dedication of the cell biological community.

We are very grateful to the many people who make it possible for us to publish some of the best cell biological studies: our reviewers, who volunteer their time and energy throughout the year, to you, our readers, and most especially to our authors. It is truly a privilege to publish every paper you see in the pages of JCB. We thank you for continuing to submit your very best work to us.

We hope you enjoy the collection and encourage your feedback on Twitter. Sign up for future special collections.

Image ©2020 Müller et al.

Special Collection Image
Michal Eisenberg-Bord; Naama Zung; Javier Collado; Layla Drwesh; Emma J. Fenech; Amir Fadel; Nili Dezorella; Yury S. Bykov; Doron Rapaport; Ruben Fernandez-Busnadiego; Maya Schuldiner
Wan Yun Ho; Jer-Cherng Chang; Kenneth Lim; Amaury Cazenave-Gassiot; Aivi T. Nguyen; Juat Chin Foo; Sneha Muralidharan; Ashley Viera-Ortiz; Sarah J.M. Ong; Jin Hui Hor; Ira Agrawal; Shawn Hoon; Olubankole Aladesuyi Arogundade; Maria J. Rodriguez; Su Min Lim; Seung Hyun Kim; John Ravits; Shi-Yan Ng; Markus R. Wenk; Edward B. Lee; Greg Tucker-Kellogg; Shuo-Chien Ling
Anh Hoang Le; Tamas Yelland; Nikki R. Paul; Loic Fort; Savvas Nikolaou; Shehab Ismail; Laura M. Machesky
Chiara Galloni; Davide Carra; Jasmine V.G. Abella; Svend Kjær; Pavithra Singaravelu; David J. Barry; Naoko Kogata; Christophe Guérin; Laurent Blanchoin; Michael Way
Kelly E. Leon; Raquel Buj; Elizabeth Lesko; Erika S. Dahl; Chi-Wei Chen; Naveen Kumar Tangudu; Yuka Imamura-Kawasawa; Andrew V. Kossenkov; Ryan P. Hobbs; Katherine M. Aird
Yang Emma Li; Yichang Wang; Ximing Du; Tizhong Zhang; Hoi Yin Mak; Sarah E. Hancock; Holly McEwen; Elvis Pandzic; Renee M. Whan; Yvette Celine Aw; Ivan E. Lukmantara; Yiqiong Yuan; Xiuju Dong; Anthony Don; Nigel Turner; Shiqian Qi; Hongyuan Yang
Andrés Guillén-Samander; Marianna Leonzino; Michael G. Hanna, IV; Ni Tang; Hongying Shen; Pietro De Camilli
Thaddaeus Mutugi Nthiga; Birendra Kumar Shrestha; Jack-Ansgar Bruun; Kenneth Bowitz Larsen; Trond Lamark; Terje Johansen
Yoana Rabanal-Ruiz; Adam Byron; Alexander Wirth; Ralitsa Madsen; Lucia Sedlackova; Graeme Hewitt; Glyn Nelson; Julian Stingele; Jimi C. Wills; Tong Zhang; André Zeug; Reinhard Fässler; Bart Vanhaesebroeck; Oliver D.K. Maddocks; Evgeni Ponimaskin; Bernadette Carroll; Viktor I. Korolchuk
Yuan Tian; Chenxi Wei; Jianfeng He; Yuxuan Yan; Nan Pang; Xiaomin Fang; Xin Liang; Jingyan Fu
Andreas Müller; Deborah Schmidt; C. Shan Xu; Song Pang; Joyson Verner D’Costa; Susanne Kretschmar; Carla Münster; Thomas Kurth; Florian Jug; Martin Weigert; Harald F. Hess; Michele Solimena
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