We recently reported the detection of multiple classes of calmodulin-binding proteins in subcellular fractions of chicken embryo fibroblasts by using a gel binding procedure (Van Eldik, L.J., and W.H. Burgess, 1983, J. Biol. Chem., 258:4539-4547). In this report we identify many of these calmodulin-binding proteins and provide further evidence for the existence of multiple classes of calmodulin-binding proteins based on the interaction of these proteins with calmodulin and other calcium-modulated proteins. The fact that, in some cases, the same calmodulin-binding protein can bind troponin C and S100 alpha suggests that similar functional domains may be present in these distinct calcium-modulated proteins. We also have used protocols based on purification steps for calmodulin-binding proteins and calmodulin-regulated activities from other systems, in conjunction with enzymatic assays and various immunological methods, to identify many of the calmodulin-binding proteins in chicken embryo fibroblasts. The identities of these proteins suggest in vivo roles for calmodulin in the regulation of cell shape and motility, cyclic nucleotide metabolism, and possibly nucleic acid and protein turnover in fibroblasts.

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