We used affinity chromatography to isolate a specific laminin-binding protein from murine fibrosarcoma cells. These cells bind exogenous laminin to their surface with high affinity (Kd = 2 X 10(-9)M for laminin) with approximately 5 X 10(4) sites per cell. Laminin affinity chromatography of [35S]methionine-labeled cell extracts produced two distinct proteins. One was identified as Type IV (basement membrane) collagen based on its migration pattern on SDS gels and bacterial collagenase sensitivity. The other protein, which migrates as a single band or closely spaced doublet on reduced SDS gels, has a reduced molecular weight of 69,000. Using a nitrocellulose filter disk assay, we found that the latter protein specifically bound 125I-laminin with the same high affinity (Kd = 2 X 10(-9)M for laminin) as did intact fibrosarcoma cells. By iodinating intact cells, we demonstrated that this laminin-binding protein is on the cell surface. We conclude that this protein with reduced molecular weight of 69,000 is a subunit or component of a larger cell surface receptor protein for laminin in this fibrosarcoma model. This laminin receptor may mediate the interaction of the cell with its extracellular matrix.

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