Specific isoforms of myofibrillar proteins are expressed in different muscles and in various fiber types within a single muscle. We have isolated and characterized monoclonal antibodies against C-proteins from slow tonic (anterior latissimus dorsi, ALD) and fast twitch (pectoralis major) muscles of the chicken. Although the antibody against "fast" C-protein (MF-1) did not bind to the "slow" isoform and the antibody to the "slow" C-protein (ALD-66) did not bind to the "fast" isoform, we observed that both antibodies bound C-protein from the posterior latissimus dorsi (PLD) muscle. Here we demonstrate that in the PLD muscle the binding sites of these two antibodies reside in two different C-protein isoforms which have different molecular weights and can be separated by hydroxylapatite column chromatography. Since we have shown previously that both these antibodies stain all myofibers and myofibrils derived from PLD muscle, we conclude that all myofibers in this muscle contain both isoforms with all sarcomeres.

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