The fine structure of the oxyntic cell from the gastric glands of the bullfrog was studied in lead hydroxide—stained sections of gastric mucosa fixed in buffered osmium tetroxide and embedded in n-butyl methacrylate. The oxyntic cell in non-acid-secreting stomachs (gastric juice pH, 7.4–7.8) is characterized by: (a) numerous closely packed smooth surfaced vesicular and tubular profiles disposed randomly in the cell; some of these elements show interconnections making it possible to identify this component with smooth surfaced endoplasmic reticula of certain other cell types, (b) a small percentage of rough surfaced profiles characteristic of endoplasmic reticula possessing RNP particles on the outer membrane surfaces, (c) a Golgi complex consisting of multiple isolated non-polarized arrays of smooth surfaced parallel elongated profiles and associated vesicular elements, (d) a sparse granular component (140 A) scattered freely in the cytoplasmic matrix, (e) numerous mitochondria with a dense matrix and containing an unusually large number of closely approximated cristae, (f) a number of zymogen granules consisting of either a dense body limited by a membrane or surrounded by a halo of less dense material which is in turn limited by a membrane, and (g) a number of granules (∼260 A) containing several smaller granules (∼80 A) identified presumably as glycogen. Intracellular canaliculi were not observed. Instead the free surface of the oxyntic cell facing the lumen of the gastric gland shows a complicated plication of the plasma membrane. Intercellular canaliculi are seen frequently between adjacent oxyntic cells. The walls of these canaliculi are made up of folded and ruffled cell membranes. The basal surface of the cell also exhibited this type of configuration. Occasional smooth surfaced profiles are seen communicating with the free surface, the wall of an intercellular canaliculus, or the basal surface of the cell. Although nerve endings were not found in association with oxyntic cells, unmyelinated nerves were observed in the vicinity of the gastric glands.

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