Affinity-purified rabbit antibodies specific for two large noncollagenous gycoproteins--laminin and fibronectin--were used to study the distribution of these proteins in normal murine kidneys. Immunofluorescence staining of conventional frozen sections demonstrates fibronectin within mesangial areas of the glomerulus. Laminin is also found in mesangial areas. However, it also appears to be distributed in typical basement membranelike patterns on glomerular and tubular basement membranes and Bowman's capsule. At the ultrastructural level, by labeling 600-800-A thick frozen sections with a three-stage procedure consisting of specific antibodies, biotinyl sheep anti-rabbit IgG, and avidin-ferritin conjugates, fibronectin is present ony in the mesangial matrix and is specifically localized to areas immediately surrounding mesangial cell processes. Laminin, on the other hand, is found uniformly distributed throughout tubular basement membranes, the mesangial matrix, and Bowman's capsule. In glomerular basement membranes, laminin labeling is restricted to the lamina rara interna and adjacent regions of the lamina densa.

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