The present study was undertaken to test whether cytolysis induced by Concanavalin A (Con A) requires lateral mobility of membranal lectin receptor sites into caps. Treatment of interphase murine mastocytoma cells with 10(-4) M colchicine promoted cap formation by Con A in about 30% of the cells, followed by cytolysis. Pretreatment of the cells with NaN3, low temperature, or glutaraldehyde decreased the degree of capping and, to the same extent, the degree of cytolysis. The addition of antibodies to cells bound with Con A increased the appearance of capping and cytolysis. A linear relationship with a high correlation coefficient exists between the degree of capping and cytolysis, suggesting that lateral mobility of membrane Con A receptors is required for cytolysis by the lectin. The process of cap formation by Con A up to the stage of cytolysis was followed by scanning electron microscopy.

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