Glial fibrillary acidic protein was localized at the electron microscope level in the cerebellum of adult mice by indirect immunoperoxidase histology. In confirmation of previous studies at the light microscope level, the antigen was detectable in astrocytes and their processes, but not in neurons or their processes, or in oligodendroglia. Astrocytic processes were stained in white matter, in the granular layet surrounding synaptic glomerular complexes, and in the molecular layer in the form of radially oriented fibers and of sheaths surrounding Purkinje cell dendrites. Astrocytic endfeet impinging on meninges and perivascular membranes were also antigen positive. In astrocytic perikarya and processes, the immunohistochemical reaction product appears both as a diffuse cytoplasmic label and as elongated strands, which by their distribution and frequency could be considered glial filaments.

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