The intracellular transport of glycoproteins pulse-labeled in vitro with tritiated leucine and galactose in the surface mucous lining cells (SMC) of the fundus of the rat stomach was studied by electron microscope autoradiography. The SMC survive for several hours in pieces of the fundus incubated in a bicarbonate-buffered medium. The SMC have a normal ultrastructure for at least 4 h of incubation. Kinetic activity is normal for at least 5 h, as demonstrated by the normal nuclear incorporation of tritiated thymidine; The SMC incorporate labeled leucine and galactose at normal rates up to 4 h and 6 h, respectively. In contrast to the SMC, the cells of the gastric glands show signs of degeneration within 1 h after the start of incubation. In the SMC the secretory protein forms a smaller part of the total protein synthesized than in other secretory cells studied. The intracellular tranpsort of the leucine-labeled moiety of the glycoproteins follows the normal pathway. The RER loses 35% of its transportable labeled protein within 30 min. The Golgi complex is maximally labeled at 40 min and the mucous granules after 120 min. Galactose is attached to the glycoproteins mainly in the Golgi complex. Glycoproteins are not secreted within 2 h after synthesis of their protein moiety.

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