The distribution of (Na+ + K+) ATPase over the plasma membranes of the proximal convoluted tubule from canine renal cortex has been determined. Ultrathin frozen sections of this tissue were stained with rabbit antibodies to this enzyme and ferritin-conjugated goat antirabbit gamma-globulin. It is demonstrated that high concentrations of this enzyme uniformly line the intercellular spaces of this epithelium. The consequences of this observation are discussed in terms of the low resistant tight junctions of these tubules and the isotonic fluid transport which they support. Furthermore, antibodies to (Na+ + K+) ATPase recognize an antigen on the luminal surfaces of the tubules within the brush border. It is proposed that the enzyme is present in this region of the plasma membrane as well, although at much lower concentration. To further substantiate this conclusion, a brush border fraction has been purified from rabbit kidney and been shown to contain significant (Na+ + K+) ATPase. These results contradict earlier conclusions about the location of (Na+ + K+) ATPase in this tissue.

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