Liver homogenates have been submitted to quantitative fractionation by differential centrifugation. Three particulate fractions: N (nuclear), ML (large granules), and P (microsomes), and a final supernate (S) have been obtained. The biochemical composition of the microsomal fraction has been established from the assay and distribution pattern of 25 enzymatic and chemical constituents. These included marker enzymes for mitochondria (cytochrome oxidase), lysosomes (acid phosphatase and N-acetyl-ß-glucosaminidase), and peroxisomes (catalase). The microsomal preparations were characterized by a moderate contamination with large cytoplasmic granules (only 6.2% of microsomal protein) and by a high yield in microsomal components. Enzymes such as glucose 6-phosphatase, nucleoside diphosphatase, esterase, glucuronyltransferase, NADPH cytochrome c reductase, aminopyrine demethylase, and galactosyltransferase were recovered in the microsomes to the extent of 70% or more. Another typical behavior was shown by 5'-nucleotidase, alkaline phosphatase, alkaline phosphodiesterase I, and cholesterol, which exhibited a "nucleomicrosomal" distribution. Other complex distributions were obtained for several constituents recovered in significant amount in the microsomes and in the ML or in the S fraction.

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