The metabolism of inorganic sulfate in pancreatic acinar cells was studied by electron microscope radioautography in mice injected with sulfate-35S. Labeled sulfate was concentrated in the Golgi complex at 10 min. Within 30 min, much of the radioactive material had been transferred to condensing vacuoles. These were subsequently transformed into zymogen granules. By 4 hr after injection, some of the zymogen granules with radioactive contents were undergoing secretion, and labeled material was present in the pancreatic duct system. The Golgi complex in pancreatic acinar cells is known to be responsible for concentrating and packaging digestive enzymes delivered to it from the endoplasmic reticulum. Our work demonstrates that the Golgi complex in these cells is also engaged in the manufacture of sulfated materials, probably sulfated mucopolysaccharides, which are packaged along with the enzymes in zymogen granules and released with them into the pancreatic secretion.

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