Selective extraction and morphological evidence indicate that the phycobiliproteins in three Cryptophyceaen algae (Chroomonas, Rhodomonas, and Cryptomonas) are contained within intrathylakoidal spaces and are not on the stromal side of the lamellae as in the red and blue-green algae. Furthermore, no discrete phycobilisome-type aggregates have thus far been observed in the Cryptophyceae. Structurally, although not necessarily functionally, this is a radical difference. The width of the intrathylakoidal spaces can vary but is generally about 200–300 A. While the thylakoid membranes are usually closely aligned, grana-type fusions do not occur. In Chroomonas these membranes evidence an extensive periodic display with a spacing on the order of 140–160 A. This periodicity is restricted to the membranes and has not been observed in the electron-opaque intrathylakoidal matrix.

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