How tyrosinase becomes associated with the premelanosomes was investigated by histochemical demonstration of tyrosinase activity by the use of dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) in melanocytes of regenerating fowl feathers. The reaction product of DOPA was localized in the anastomosing membrane tubules associated with the concave side of some dictyosomes of the Golgi apparatus and in coated vesicles most of which were in connection with the dictyosomes. No reaction product was found in early premelanosomes. In premelanosomes, the reaction product of DOPA appears first in vesicles approximately 400 A in diameter which are surrounded by a matrix with a characteristic periodicity. These observations seem to allow the speculation that the coated vesicles function in the transport of tyrosinase, and that the premelanosomes are formed in a process which is not necessarily dependent on the Golgi apparatus as was assumed earlier.

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