To estimate the duration of oocyte DNA synthesis 36, 3-day-old female rabbits received 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, or 18 injections of tritiated thymidine (thy-3H) at hourly intervals. The ovaries, removed at 1, 10, or 20 days after the first injection, were radioautographed. Counts made of the number of silver grains associated with oocyte nuclei in meiotic Prophase I indicate that the duration of DNA synthesis is between 9 and 12 hr. To determine the length of the stages of meiotic Prophase I, a group of 2-3-day-old rabbits was given a single sub-cutaneous injection of thy-3H, and the ovaries were removed at hourly and/or daily intervals after treatment. The minimum duration of leptotene was 3 hr and the maximum duration probably was less than 8 hr. The maximum durations of zygotene, pachytene, and diplotene were estimated to be 44, 216, and 96 hr, respectively. The interval from the end of oogonial DNA synthesis to the beginning ofpremeiotic DNA synthesis (G2 + Mitosis + G1) appeared to be less than 6 hr.

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