Synthesis of four macromolecular classes found in membranes—glycoprotein, glycolipid, protein, and lipid—was measured as a function of time of the cell cycle in synchronized L5178Y cells. Incorporation of leucine, choline, fucose, glucosamine, or thymidine into the cells, protein, nucleic acid, or lipid was measured by pulse-labeling for ½ hr at ½ hr intervals after release from the mitotic block. The amount of protein, lipid, glycoprotein, or glycolipid released or secreted into the medium by the L5178Y cells was also measured as a function of time of the cell cycle. Cellular protein was found to be synthesized throughout the cell cycle, with the highest synthesis occurring in the S period; synthesis was depressed in the M period. Cellular glycoprotein was synthesized at approximately the same times as protein, except that the rates of glycoprotein synthesis in the S period relative to other periods were much greater than for protein. Secreted protein was synthesized throughout the cell cycle without any general pattern, except that secretion was elevated in the late S and G2 periods. Secreted glycoprotein was similar to secreted protein. Cellular lipid and cellular glycolipid were synthesized almost exclusively in the G2 and M periods; there was no synthesis in the G1 and S periods. Release or secretion of glycolipid and lipid also occurred in the G2 and M periods.

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