Earle's L-929 fibroblasts from cultures treated with 5–10 µg/ml of vincristine sulfate have a large number of eosinophilic, proteinaceous crystals in their cytoplasm. In electron micrographs, large arrays of helical polyribosomes, stacks of Golgi lamellae, and membranes of granular endoplasmic reticulum are seen in the cytoplasm of these cells. "Stalks" of fine granular material, approximately 300 A wide, are often seen in association with the arrays of the helical polyribosomes. In many sections rows of helical polyribosomes and filaments emerging from individual polyribosomes are seen in intimate contact with the crystals. A gradual reduction in the number of crystals and crystal-bearing cells is seen in cultures removed from the drug-containing medium and reincubated in fresh medium. In electron micrographs, these reincubated cells show large aggregates of filamentous material in the cytoplasm, and in many sections filaments are seen in continuity with the crystals.

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