Normal rabbit ear cartilage studied with the light and electron microscope shows chondrocytes in which large lipide spherules, and an abundance of glycogen, a few small mitochondria, and relatively few elements of the endoplasmic reticulum can be identified. The chondrocytes contain, in addition, a material which stains strongly with acid fuchsin and appears in the electron microscope as a relatively dense felt-work. In electron micrographs, the matrix of normal rabbit ear cartilage consists of two components: a uniformly distributed moderately dense substance which appears as a fine meshwork without any particular pattern extending from cartilage cell border to cartilage cell border; and a three-dimensional anastomotic network of more dense material, which is best described as "felt-like" lying between the cells. The similarity between the felt-like material of the matrix and the elastic fibers described in previous electron microscope observations is discussed.

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