Skeletal muscles which have been soaked for 1 hr in a glycerol-Ringer solution and then returned to normal Ringer solution have a disrupted sarcotubular system. The effect is associated with the return to Ringer's since muscles have normal fine structure while still in glycerol-Ringer's. Karnovsky's peroxidase method was found to be a very reliable marker of extracellular space, filling 98.5% of the tubules in normal muscle. It was interesting to note that only 84.1% of the sarcomeres in normal muscle have transverse tubules. The sarcotubular system was essentially absent from glycerol-treated muscle fibers, only 2 % of the tubular system remaining connected to the extracellular space; the intact remnants were stumps extending only a few micra into the fiber. Thus, glycerol-treated muscle fibers provide a preparation of skeletal muscle with little sarcotubular system. Since the sarcoplasmic reticulum is not destroyed and the sarcolemma and myofilaments are intact in this preparation, of the properties of the sarcolemma may thus be separated from those of the tubular system.

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