Microspectrophotometric analysis of the DNA content of nuclei in various parts of Chara zeylanica Willd. revealed that the amount of DNA in the nucleus of an internodal cell equals twice the amount of DNA in the nucleus of a sperm, while the half-anaphase stage of the same nodal cells contains the same amount of DNA as the nuclei of the male gametes. The DNA content of the nuclei of internodal cells may rise as much as 50 times higher than that of the gametes. However, in the oldest (most basal) internodal cells, the DNA content of the minute nuclei falls again to the basic (1 C) amount. Measurements of sister nuclei derived by amitosis indicated that both nuclei have equal amounts of DNA; this was interpreted as further evidence that amitosis is not a disorganized process or manifestation of degeneration. The bearing of these analyses on the question of the site of meiosis in these plants is discussed.

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