Fasting produces an increased mobilization of lipid from adipose tissue to the liver and a decreased hepatic lipogenesis, but the administration of glucose stimulates lipid synthesis by the liver. After fasting of C3H mice numerous electron-opaque bodies and large lipid droplets were present in the liver. In the liver of untreated controls only a few small electron-opaque bodies and an occasional fat droplet were observed. After glucose injection the number of electron-opaque bodies in the liver was no greater than that observed in livers of saline-injected controls. In the livers of all groups these bodies were located intracellularly within cytoplasmic vesicles; those in extracellular locations were not membrane bounded and were located at indented and thickened hepatocyte plasma membranes or within the space of Disse. In fasted liver the dense bodies were often associated with large fat droplets.