By means of the gold-thiocholine (AuThCh) and gold-thiolacetic acid (AuThAc) methods, it has been demonstrated electron microscopically that acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is located at the prejunctional axoplasmic membrane and the postjunctional sarcoplasmic membrane, including the full lengths of its invaginations, at the motor end plate of mouse intercostal muscle. Nonspecific cholinesterase (ChE) is present in relatively low concentrations at the same sites, and in greater concentrations in the teloglial Schwann sheath cells. Significant amounts of reaction product appeared in the junctional cleft only after prolonged incubation with both methods. The identification of AChE and ChE was confirmed by the use of appropriate concentrations of several selective inhibitors. In confirmation of previous studies by light microscopy, the AuThCh method is more specific for AChE and ChE, whereas the AuThAc method allows greater accuracy of localization.

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