A microsomal fraction was isolated from rabbit psoas muscle by a modification of Muscatello's method. The fraction contained a Mg-dependent ATPase which had a pH optimum of 7.5. Activity was further stimulated by addition of Na or K or other monovalent cations to the reaction mixture, but synergistic activation by Na and K, and ouabain inhibition, could not be demonstrated. The enzyme hydrolyzed only ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and ITP (inosine triphosphate) at appreciable rates, but Na or K stimulated activity only when ATP was used as substrate. Activity was inhibited by Ca and by low concentrations of Na deoxycholate, and was sensitive to inhibition by thiol group reagents. The enzyme could be distinguished from another enzyme, also present in the fraction, which was Ca-activated, and which exhibited a wider substrate specificity, different pH activation characteristics, lower specific activity, lack of stimulation by Na or K, and less sensitivity to inhibition by deoxycholate and by thiol group reagents. These findings formed the basis for demonstration of the Mg-dependent ATPase in situ.

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