In dorsal root ganglia and peripheral nerve of the rat and other species, nucleoside phosphatase and unspecific cholinesterase reaction products are found in the plasma membranes and spaces between them at two sites: (1) Schwann cell-axon interfaces and mesaxons of unmyelinated fibers, and (2) sheath cell-perikaryon interfaces and interfaces between adjacent sheath cells. Acetylcholinesterase reaction product is found in the perikaryon (within the endoplasmic reticulum) and the axon (axoplasmic surface). Nucleoside phosphatase reaction product is also found in the numerous vacuoles at the surface of perineurium cells, ganglion sheath cells, and cells surrounding some ganglion blood vessels. Nucleoside phosphatase activities in the sections fail to respond, in the manner described for "transport ATPase," to diisopropylphosphofluoridate, sodium and potassium ions, and ouabain. Nucleoside diphosphates are hydrolyzed more slowly than triphosphates in unmyelinated fibers, and are not hydrolyzed at the perikaryon surface. Nucleoside monophosphates are either not hydrolyzed or hydrolyzed very slowly. In contrast to these localizations, which are believed to demonstrate sites of enzyme activity, it is considered likely that diffusion artifacts account for the nucleoside phosphatase reaction product frequently found along the outer surfaces of myelinated fibers and within vacuoles at the Schwann cell surfaces of these fibers. The diffuse reaction product seen in basement membranes of ganglion and nerve may also be artifact.

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