The incorporation of tritiated thymidine into the DNA of erythroblasts, primitive ependymal cells, and mesenchymal cells of 11-day mouse embryos was studied by radioautography at different times between 25 minutes and 18 hours after injection intraperitoneally. There was no labeling of mitotic figures until 1 hour after injection. Following this, mitotic figures were labeled for about 5.5 hours in primitive ependymal cells and mesenchymal cells, and for a longer period in erythroblasts. The percentage of the labeled primitive ependymal cells at various times after injection indicate a periodic migration into and out of the mitotic zone. The cell generation cycle of primitive ependymal cells and mesenchymal cells is similar to some kinds of adult cells. The cycle of the erythroblasts is more like that of the cells of aging mice.

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