The fine structure of a series of stalked bacteria belonging to the genera Caulobacter and Asticcacaulis has been examined in thin sections. The cell wall has the multilayered structure typical of many Gram-negative bacteria, and continues without interruption throughout the length of the stalk. The core of the stalk, continuous with the cytoplasmic region of the cell, is enclosed in an extension of the cell membrane, and contains a system of internal membranes: it is devoid of ribosomes and nucleoplasm. A membranous organelle occupies the juncture of stalk and cell, separating the ribosomal region from the core of the stalk. Typical mesosomes also occur in the cell, being particularly frequent at the plane of division. The secreted holdfast is located at the tip of the stalk in Caulobacter, and at the pole of the cell adjacent to the stalk in Asticcacaulis.

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