ATPase was localized in distinct regions of the mitotic apparatus of HeLa and Sarcoma 180 tissue culture cells. ATPase was demonstrated in the metaphase spindle of HeLa and Sarcoma 180 cells fixed in cold buffered 2 per cent formalin (pH 6.5 to 6.8) containing 2 x 10-3 M CaCl2. A high concentration of ATPase was frequently observed at the poles of the spindle. ATPase was also demonstrated in the interzonal region of both cell types during anaphase. The narrowing of the band of ATPase activity localized in the interzonal region during telophase indicates that ATPase activity is associated with the central spindle. In polar views of Sarcoma 180 cells fixed in cold, unbuffered, 2 per cent formalin, ATPase was frequently localized in granules in the region of the inner circumference of the ring of chromosomes formed at metaphase. ATPase in the mitotic apparatus of HeLa and Sarcoma 180 cells was shown not to be due to non-specific alkaline phosphatase. Mitotic apparatus ATPase in Sarcoma 180 cells was suppressed by an —SH inhibitor.

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