Homogenates of fertilized eggs of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus were fractionated by differential centrifugation. In addition, whole eggs were fragmented, on a preparative scale, by centrifugation in sea water-sucrose gradients. The fractions and fragments were subsequently assayed for their content of soluble protein antigens described in an earlier publication. Relative concentrations of antigen present in quantitatively isolated cell fractions were estimated by graded antiserum absorption in combination with agar-diffusion technique. Two of six antigens were found to be associated mainly with the low speed sediments. Treatment of the various sediments with hypotonic medium and results obtained with fragmented eggs suggested that these two antigens and possibly a third were probably located in the yolk granules. The other antigens were more evenly distributed among the low speed sediments and the non-sedimented part of the cytoplasm. Only one of the antigens was consistently associated with the microsomal fraction.

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