Vol. 204 No. 4, February 17, 2014. Pages 507–522.

The name of a funding source was erroneously edited during production. Revised acknowledgment paragraphs appear below.

We are grateful to T. Down and S. Maslau for bioinformatics discussions. The div-1(or148ts) worm strain was a kind gift from Bruce Bowerman, and the cdc-45::gfp strain (TG1754) was a kind gift from Julian Blow and Anton Gartner. We thank Jon Pines for critical reading of the manuscript and Judith Kimble for suggestions.

P. Zegerman and V. Gaggioli are funded by the Association for International Cancer Research 10-0908. E. Zeiser, D. Rivers, and J. Ahringer were supported by a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship to J. Ahringer (054523). All authors acknowledge the core support provided by Cancer Research UK (C6946/A14492) and the Wellcome Trust (092096).

The authors declare no competing financial interests.

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