Ultrasonic treatment of the tails of Triturus alpestris tadpoles, at intensities of 8 to 15 watts/cm2, at 1 megacycle/sec., for 5 minutes, disrupted the epidermis and caused pycnosis in individual cells of the muscle and neural tube, but caused no damage to the notochord that could be detected by light microscopy. Electron microscopy showed that this ultrasonic treatment disordered nearly all the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of the notochord cells into irregularly rounded vesicles, but within 3 hours after treatment some parallel arrays of normal endoplasmic reticulum were seen near, and continuous with, the outer nuclear membrane. In addition, a re-ordering of the previously disordered ER took place throughout the cytoplasm, in some cases. A classification was made of the state of the ER as shown in electron micrographs of material fixed immediately, 3, and 24 hours after treatment. This showed that more than half the total endoplasmic reticulum in notochord cells was normal again by 24 hours after treatment.

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