Representative viruses of the RI-APC group were observed with the electron microscope in thin sections of infected HeLa cells. The viral particles varied in density, were approximately 60 mµ in diameter and had a center to center spacing when close packed of about 65 mµ. Many of the less dense particles exhibited an internal body averaging 24 mµ in diameter. It was suggested that within the nucleus the virus differentiated from dense granular and reticular material and formed crystals. Disintegration of the crystals and disruption of the nuclear membrane with release of virus into the cytoplasm appeared to occur at any stage. No evidence to suggest development of the virus in the cytoplasm was obtained.

It was possible to deduce the structure of the viral crystal from the electron micrographs. The viral particles are packed in a cubic body—centered lattice.

Correlative histochemical observations in the light microscope which are now in progress revealed that the crystals and non-crystalline aggregates of virus were strongly Feulgen-positive.

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