Vol. 179 No. 6, December 17, 2007. Pages 1149–1162.

In this article, we described the function of a novel microtubule-associated protein RMD-1 in chromosome segregation in the early C. elegans embryo. We initially identified the rmd-1 gene by the mutant (os21) that showed the abnormal cell lineage in postembryonic development (Psa phenotype for phasmid socket absent). We described that the Psa phenotype of rmd-1(os21) was rescued by the DNA fragments containing the rmd-1 gene. We also described that tm1457 mutants that had a deletion in the gene showed the Psa phenotype and did not complement os21 for the Psa phenotype. However, we recently repeated the experiments to find that these descriptions are incorrect due to inappropriate evaluation of the Psa phenotype in previous experiments. Therefore, although os21 contains a missense mutation in the rmd-1 gene, the Psa phenotype of os21 mutants is unlikely to be caused by the mutation in the gene. However, this correction does not affect any conclusions of the paper on the function of the rmd-1 gene in early C. elegans embryos, because we used RNAi for the analyses of the gene function.

We apologize to the readers for any confusion that may have been caused by this inaccuracy in our previous report.