Nucleoside triphosphatase (NTPase) activity was demonstrated at the submicroscopic level in the frog retina by the Wachstein-Meisel method utilizing various purine and pyrimidine nucleosides. Under the electron microscope magnesium-activated NTPase was localized in the outer and inner segments, and in the plexiform layers. NTPase active sites in the cones were localized diffusely in the 70 to 80 A interspaces between the double membranes of the stacked lamellae and in the investing cytoplasm. In the rods, on the other hand, sites of activity were observed at the periphery of the stacked lamellae as discrete electron opaque deposits measuring 1000 to 1500 A which interdigitated between the lamellae for short distances. Deposits of reaction product appeared more numerous in rods of dark-adapted frogs stimulated with monochromatic light with a wave length of 510 mµ. Enzyme activity was also observed in mitochondria of the rod and cone ellipsoids. In the outer and inner plexiform layers NTPase active sites were present on and between the membranes of axons and the plasma membranes of some of the neurons.

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