Brunet et al. Vol. 156, No. 5, March 4, 2002. Pages 817–828.

In Fig. 1, on page 818, the labels for panels B and C were mistakenly reversed. The correct figure appears below.

Also, on page 821, the panels to Fig. 4 were incorrectly referenced in the text, with “left” and “right” mistakenly reversed. This section should read as follows.

The ligand-binding defective 14-3-3ε K49E mutant was found predominantly in the nucleus in 100% of the stable transfected cells in all cell lines investigated (Fig. 4 D, right). In contrast, the tagged WT 14-3-3 protein was found almost exclusively in the cytoplasm (Fig. 4 D, left), showing the identical staining pattern as that seen with endogenous 14-3-3 (Fig. 1 A).