Pucéat et al. Vol. 141, No. 7, June 29, 1998. Pages 1637–1646.

The following is a correction for an amino acid sequence in the above-mentioned paper, and an addendum regarding nomenclature is also included.

There is an omission of one amino acid in the second sequence of amino acids used to raise an anti-AE1 antibody. On p. 1638, in line 18 of the section titled “Immunoprecipitation of Proteins,” “FKPKYHPDVPF” should read “FKPPKYHPDVPF.” This sequence corresponds to the amino acids 831–842 of mouse AE1. Also, in the same line the range “814–826” should read “831–842.” The authors apologize for this mistake.

The numbering of intracellular loops of the AE1 protein that appeared in the publication was based on earlier nomenclature. We would like to make the following corrections according to the most recent topology of the AE1 protein (Popov, M., L.Y. Tam, J. Li, and R.A. Reithmeier. J. Biol. Chem. 272:18325–18332): On p. 1639, second column, lines 28 and 29, “the second and fifth cytoplasmic loop of rodent AE1” should read “the third and sixth cytoplasmic loop of rodent AE1.”