This electron microscopic study deals with the structure of the Z disc of frog's skeletal muscle, with special regard to the I filaments—whether they pass through the Z disc or terminate at it. In most longitudinal sections the I filaments terminate as rod-like projections on either side of the Z disc, one I filament on one side lying between two I filaments on the opposite side. This indicates that the I filaments are not continuous through the Z disc. The rod-like projections are often seen to consist of filaments (denoted as Z filaments) which meet at an angle.

In cross-sections through the Z region the I filaments and Z filaments form tetragonal patterns. The I filaments are situated in the corners of the squares; the oblique Z filaments form the sides of squares. The tetragonal pattern formed by the Z filaments is rotated 45 degrees with respect to the tetragons formed by the I filaments on both sides of Z. This structural arrangement is interpreted to indicate that each I filament on one side of the Z disc faces the center of the space between four I filaments on the opposite side of Z and that the interconnection is formed by four Z filaments.

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