The membrane-spanning and cytoplasmic domains of CD4 and CD8 were replaced by those of TGN38. After transient expression in HeLa cells, the location of the hybrid proteins was determined using immunofluorescence and quantitative immuno-electron microscopy, FACS analysis and metabolic labeling. The membrane-spanning domain was found to contain a signal that localized hybrid proteins to the TGN. This was in addition to the signal previously identified in the cytoplasmic domain (Bos, K., C. Wraight, and K. Stanley. 1993. EMBO (Eur. Mol. Biol. Organ) J. 12:2219-2228. Humphrey, J. S., P. J. Peters, L. C. Yuan, and J. S. Bonifacino. 1993. J. Cell Biol. 120:1123-1135. Wong, S. H., and W. Hong. 1993. J. Biol. Chem. 268:22853-22862). The different properties of these two signals suggest that each operates by a different mechanism.

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