The adhesion and migration of human diploid fibroblasts on plasma clots were measured. The role of plasma fibronectin was examined by depleting plasma of fibronectin before clotting. Fibronectin was not essential for cell adhesion and spreading, although rates were slightly slower on depleted clots. Rates of migration on the surface of clots were unaffected by fibronectin depletion. In contrast, fibronectin was an absolute requirement for migration of cells into plasma clots. Cells migrated rapidly into control clots but completely failed to penetrate the surface of fibronectin-depleted clots. The effect of depletion could only be reversed by adding fibronectin to depleted plasma before clotting. Adsorption of fibronectin after clotting failed to reverse the effect of depletion, suggesting that fibronectin had to be cross-linked by transglutaminase during the clotting process.

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