The distribution of the proteins migrating with the slow components a (SCa) and b (SCb) of axonal transport were studied in cross-sections of axons with electron microscope autoradiography. Radiolabeled amino acids were injected into the hypoglossal nucleus of rabbits and after 15 d, the animals were killed. Hypoglossal nerves were processed either for SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis fluorography to identify and locate the two components of slow transport, or for quantitative electron microscope autoradiography. Proteins transported in SCa were found to be uniformly distributed within the cross-section of the axon. Labeled SCb proteins were also found throughout the axonal cross-section, but the subaxolemmal region of the axon contained 2.5 times more SCb radioactivity than any comparable area in the remainder of the axon.

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