Small pieces of skin from 8 cm long Rana clamitans larvae were fixed in OsO4, washed, dehydrated, and embedded in a methacrylate mixture. Ultrathin sections were cut on a Porter-Blum ultramicrotome and were examined in an RCA electron microscope, type EMU 2D. The sections showed that aggregates of fibrous material in the cells of the inner layer of epidermal cells are identical in disposition and size with the classical figures of Eberth. It is conclusively shown that these figures do not arise from an aggregation of mitochondrial filaments. The tendency of the fibrils to concentrate on attachment points, or thickenings of the basal plasma membrane, is noted. It is also observed that numerous mitochondria are located in the distal region of the cells of the outer layer of epidermis in association with the secretory vacuoles. Microvilli are seen occasionally on the free surface of the skin. Cisternae are found only in the cells of the outer epidermal layer, while vesicular endoplasmic reticulum is found in the cells of both epidermal layers.

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