Rat livers were prefixed by perfusion with 0.6% glutaraldehyde and briefly homogenized with a Teflon-glass homogenizer. The prefixed cells isolated by low-speed centrifugation in high yield effectively preserved the original polygonal shape and polarity. These cells were incubated with ferritin-antibody conjugates monospecific for rat liver 5'-nucleotidase, and the localization of the enzymes on the surface of hepatocytes and endothelial cells was quantitatively investigated. It was revealed that the surface density of 5'-nucleotidase is much higher on the bile canalicular surface than on the sinusoidal surface and only a few ferritin particles were detected on the lateral surface. On the bile canalicular surface ferritin particles were almost exclusively found on the microvilli in larger clusters. Similar distribution was also observed on the sinusoidal surface but the size of cluster was much smaller. On both surfaces many fewer ferritin particles were found on the intermicrovillar region, including the coated pits region, than on the microvillar region. Ferritin particles were also found on the endothelial cell surface.

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